About Ottawa MegaGames About

Ottawa MegaGames started in 2015 when a group of board gamers, role players and LARPers ran Watch the Skies at Funhaven. Despite a steep learning curve, it was such a success that we had to do more. Since then we've run over half a dozen other games, working with international designers and creating a few games of our own.

Two men with jackets and blazers standing inside having a discussion.
A woman in a red dress and a man in a black shirt standing inside and shaking hands. There are maps in the background.

We've gathered a roster of experienced volunteers from different gaming backgrounds, and have expanded our focus to running any large-scale gaming events in Ottawa for education, team building and entertainment. We want to offer a safe, inclusive space and to encourage agency and accountability in all our community members. We want to foster connection between people through play, and encourage playing, running and writing better games by exposing people to different styles of play.