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Upcoming Game: Apocalypse North

RSVP on Facebook Saturday, March 7, 2020 9am - 5pm EST Diefenbunker Museum 3929 Carp Rd, Ottawa ON
A distressed and grungey Canadian flag with a lunging zombie in front of it. Green text reading 'Apocalypse North' at the bottom.

APOCALYPSE NORTH is a game of emergency response, national survival, and federal-provincial politics during a zombie armageddon.

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A photo of 8 people standing around a map with game pieces on it. There are several pices of paper and cards sitting near the board, two of which read 'Rules'. There is a map of Canada on the back wall with the title 'Danger Areas'.
A photograph showing a group of 5 men, wearing matching ties and blazers. The central man is shrugging.

What is a MegaGame?

Megagames are unique experiential games for 30 to 300 players - part model UN, part board game, part live-action role play - and all fun! They are driven by narrative rather than victory points, and often built as lifelike simulations of the real world with a fantastical twist. Megagames are written to make the players feel, think, experience, and learn.

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